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Boylan's Soda
One of the restaurants we regularly frequent started carrying Boylan's sodas. This was during my refined sugar free trial and I noticed that they are made with all natural ingredients and cane sugar. I was having a bit of a hypoglycemic moment and thought I'd give it a try. I tried the Black Cherry and whoo hoo it's sweet, but yummy. I may have been a bit overly sensitive having had no refined sugar nor any other type of sugar other than from fruit for over two weeks at this point. I almost couldn't finish it and if I hadn't been eating, I know I couldn't have. One thing I enjoyed about it was that it wasn't overly carbonated. Black cherry has always been one of my preferred flavors and this one was just as black cherry as the next. While the sweetness was on the same level as other black cherry soda's, cane sugar sweetness is just different.

A couple of days ago, I tried another one. This time I tried the Creamy Red Birch Beer. It's very red but tastes very much like root beer. It's a fun drink, the color is very cheerful and the vintage styling of the bottle makes it extra fun. I'm a root beer fan too but normally I can never drink a whole one because of the intensity of the sugar. With cane sugar, it's more of a mellow sweetness. Birch beer and root beer aren't exactly the same;

The difference between birch beer and root beer: They’re close, but made from different barks. Birch beer is made from birch bark extract (and can vary in color depending on the species of birch tree the sap is extracted from). Root beer is made from non-specific roots and barks (often sassafras and/or sarsaparilla plus herbs like wild cherry, wintergreen and ginger. The original root beer, created in the mid-1800s by Philadelphia pharmacist Charles Hires, was actually a beer — a very low alcohol, naturally effervescent beverage made by fermenting sugar and yeast with the aforementioned ingredients. Today’s products have no alcohol content.

—Karen Hochman

I'm going to try the remaining flavors since I've enjoyed these two so much. There is a Creme Soda and an actual Root Beer I'm interested in trying. I'm not a cola fan so if anyone has tried the Cane Cola version of this, let us know what you think.

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