Is This a Plateau?

Today I finally got around to taking another batch of pictures for my before and after documentation. It seems that my half assed efforts have only managed to keep me looking exactly the same. I scrutinized those pictures for an hour and I can see no difference in the way I look except for one very interesting thing. In my before pictures, I was somewhat concerned with the fact that one of my shoulders was noticeably higher than the other; in all of the pictures. Front, back it didn't matter it was very obvious. I had never noticed that before. Well now, after two months of doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program, my shoulders are now even. That's something I guess. I am calling these my during pictures since there is no visible change. (Before-During-After)

So now I'm wondering what is really going on. To be honest, I have actually put on a total of 6 pounds since I started the program. I am squatting 100 pounds, bench pressing 50 pounds and I'm doing more pull-ups, chin-ups and push-ups than I ever thought I would. But I don't look any different. These are great achievements I think and the weight doesn't bother me so much since my clothes still fit and you can't tell by looking at me that I have gained but if I've put on 6 pounds of muscle, why cant you see it? I have to admit, when I flex my arms, they look pretty impressive but that's all so far.

Well, I have to assume that I'm at an in-between stage. I haven't put on enough muscle for it to show and I apparently haven't lost any fat. I'm trying to decide if I'm just going to continue with my current routine or if I'm going to try and bump up the intensity some. Again, this is Half Assed Fitness and I could ruin my reputation if I push it too far.

One thing I know is that my weight gain is not from food. I have been tracking my calorie intake carefully so at least I know that is not the culprit. The downside to that is if it was food, it would be very easy to make adjustments there.

Some of you may recall that I have cut out all refined sugar, sugar substitutes and any high fructose corn syrup products this month. It has not affected my weight at all but my complexion is clearer and my energy levels are more even keeled than usual. That is after about the first 5 days. I went through a period of being very hungry and needing a lot of fruit and then things evened out. One night I dreamt about eating donuts and sweets but overall, I haven't really had any cravings for sugar. I can see how much of a habit it was though. I catch myself reaching for stuff just because but it seems more a doing habit than a wanting habit.

I think I will continue on the way I have been going and see how it goes. My weights will continue to increase so something is bound to change.

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