Sex As Motivation? How About Exercise?

My boyfriend is such a sweetie. Even though I gained over 25 pounds in the first year we were together, he would still tell me how sexy I was. I don't know if he realized it but it made me feel bad in a way because I knew I didn't look as good as when we got together and I felt far from sexy.

Spouses and significant others do still love you when you gain weight; you are still the same person right? Whether you or they realize it though, you're not quite the same person they were attracted to in the first place and it can have an impact on your sex life. It did on ours. Like a lot of things though, I didn't realize it until after I lost that extra weight again. All the sudden I was getting a LOT more attention and many more "you're sexy" comments.

I read an article one time about a woman that had gained something like 110 pounds over about 20 years and it had reduced her relationship with her husband practically to the status of "roommate". She finally hit her threshold, got motivated and lost all of her excess weight in about 5 months. She went crazy on the elliptical, several hours each day and started eating right. Besides feeling healthier, and feeling better about herself in general, her husband was attracted to her again and they renewed their relationship.

If you are overweight this may not seem very motivating now. The excess weight may lower your sex drive to the point where you don't really miss it. I can tell you though, it's a great extra benefit and if you remember hot steamy nights, the excitement and pleasure but just don't seem to find the energy or inclination can be a very fun goal to work toward!

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