If I Had it All to do Again

This is what I would choose for an exercise:

This is called Parkour and I find it fascinating. It's like street gymnastics. Fun, I wish I had learned about it years ago.


Rosso said...

I saw something like this a few years back - Russian kids 'monkeying' around derelict buildings.

Just goes to show the extent of urban decay in Eastern European countries and how their young forgotten ones remain semi primal as opposed to kids in England today.

Notice the muscle tone and definition. Guess they are getting a full body workout including core muscles.

I'd be reluctant to try those jumps though - might break a nail..etc. :)

rrr said...

My boyfriend said the reason I don't do it, didn't hear about it etc. is that I'm not poor enough.

I guess if you don't have anything else to do you find ways to entertain yourself.

They definitely look fit though.

Thanks for the comment! :)


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