Product Review - Yves Meatless Ground

I love this stuff!

Yves Meatless Ground
So far I've put this in spaghetti sauce, used it for veggie tacos, and veggie enchiladas; I'm sure it can be substituted pretty much anywhere ground beef is used with fine results.
I'm not a fan of tofu because of the texture. With textured vegetable protein (TVP) that is not an issue. It's a tad bit on the chewy side but other than that I often can't tell the difference between a sauce with meat and one with TVP. I suppose it's not as fatty and rich as beef, next to each other it would probably be fairly obvious.
The calorie difference is quite noticeable:

  • 6oz TVP = 180 calories
  • 6oz 95% lean ground beef = 278
  • 6oz 80% lean ground beef = 417

Even if you aren't interested in going vegetarian, substituting this once in awhile can help reduce your calorie intake and it's really good too!



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