Product Review - My Food Diary

I ran across a tool today that I am very impressed with. It's called My Food Diary and it automates all of the food and exercise tracking that I have been doing manually for years. The beauty of this tool is it can be used as a weight loss tool, it can help you maintain your weight once your goal is achieved and it can also give you more accurate details on your nutrition.

The nutrition factor is why I've decided to sign up for it at this point. Keeping track of calories when I was trying to lose or maintain my weight was one thing but while I'm trying this vegetarian diet or if I continue with it beyond the trial, I need to make sure I'm getting enough nutrition as well.

There is a place to track your water intake, make notes about your day, input recipes so you can calculate the nutrition information per serving and several calculators and quizzes to use for education purposes. Another great feature is the daily summary that shows how close you got to your daily goals which makes it much easier to focus your efforts the next day. Here is an example from my report for today:
If I can make it work, I will post the reports from the site each day instead of the format I've been using. It will make it easier to read and will include a summary of my nutritional information which I was not calculating previously.

I've tried a couple of other online tracking systems but I really like this one so far. I am also impressed that it is only $9 per month. That is very reasonable and considering you can access it anywhere you can get an Internet connection, it's convenient too.



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