Day 3 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

Exercise: 30 minute hike with dogs -150
I wasn't feeling well this morning so opted not to go to the gym. Squeezed in a quick hike with the dogs after work before it got too dark though.

1 pkt Kirkland Organic Oatmeal 190 calories
1 lg banana 90

DQ ice cream sandwich 190 calories
16 kettle corn flavored rice crisps 120

leftovers- 1/2 order mushroom and Gorgonzola angel hair pasta 500 calories
1 large apple 110

leftovers- 1 serving penne with vodka-cream sauce 537 calories
1 cup broccoli 30
1 cup Horizon Organic Fat-Free milk 90

46 oz(updated)

Net calories for today: 1707

I had a stomach ache after lunch today, and I had to take a nap after I ate which is very unusual for me. I am guessing that it had something to do with all of the butter in my lunch, those restaurant leftovers were very rich. That's really my only guess as to what might have caused it.

No cravings or anything so far. I was flipping through a cook book though and everything sounded good....chicken this, salmon that....I kept having to remind myself that those recipes were off limits. For now anyway. We'll see.



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