Day 8 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

10 minutes walking 3.5mph 4% incline -45 calories
10 minutes running 5.5mph 0% incine -92
25 minutes weight lifting -83
Total calorie burned: -220

1 pc. Pumpkin pie 310 calories
16oz Caffè Mocha w/ Nonfat Milk 220

8 kettle corn rice crisps 60

2 c. Eating Right vegetable soup 220
1 large Gala apple 100

16 organic baby carrots 48
2 chocolate chip cookies 173

3 slices Papa Murphey's Veggie DeLite pizza 456


Net calories for the day: 1367 (468 under goal)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:

Notes/observations for the day:
I've never been a runner, only once in my life did I ever run a full mile in school and I think it took me 15 minutes or more and I thought I was going to DIE!
I've been giving it a try again and I kind of like it. 10 minutes is my max so far.
I find it to be surprisingly grounding.



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