Day 2 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

Exercise: not today!

everything bagel with cream cheese 465
1 large banana 90

1 large orange 65
1 pkt Swiss Miss mocha cappuchino 120
baby carrots 50
1 Yoplait yogurt light 100

1 serving penne with vodka-cream sauce 537
16 kettle corn rice crisps 120

32 oz

Net calories for today: 1547

I was busy at lunch so didn't eat much.

Overall it was a very non-event day.

We had company overnight so I didn't go to the gym because I didn't want to disturb them (on the couch) at 5am. I am going to need to make sure I go tomorrow because I am going in to work at 6am on Thursday so I won't get the chance.

No problems eating vegetarian so far. I'm wondering if I'm going to see any bodily changes because of it. My eyeballs have been dry but I think that's the weather. It snowed a bit today and it was cold and windy.

Maybe I'll take soup for lunch tomorrow.....



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