Day 10 - 30 Day Trial - Vegetarian

20 minutes stationary bike moderate exertion -131 calories
20 minutes weight training -65
Total calories burned: -196

1 pc. Pumpkin pie 310 calories

1.5 c. cherry tomatoes 60
1 snack size Hershey's chocolate bar 76

2 slices Eating Right multi grain bread 160 calories
1/3 pkg. Yves meatless ground 119
1/4 c. Hunts Tomato Sauce ~ Basil, Garlic & Oregano 15

16oz Caffè Mocha ~ w/ Nonfat Milk 220 calories

1/3 order Brie en Croute (cheese in puff pastry) 482 calories
small Caesar salad 400
dinner roll 110


Net calories for the day: 1756 (80 under goal)

Here is my nutritional breakdown for today:

Notes/observations for the day:
My weight did not change this week.

Not getting enough fruits and vegetables; I will be going shopping tomorrow to get some healthy food in the house so I'll quit eating out. There is a lot of sodium in restaurant food!
I'm going to start taking a Calcium supplement, I'm obviously not getting anywhere near enough.



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